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Analysis of impact of bugs in Android, iOS and watchOS apps is now available in Finotes.

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Performance Analytics has been a demand from our customers since Finotes 1.0. Now with the release of Finotes 6.0 the mobile app developers will get a clear understanding about how the bugs are impacting the installation base. The data is presented graphically and provides insights into the percentage and absolute number of android, watchOS and iOS devices that got affected.

Analysis of bugs and the impact on mobiles
Fig 1: Analysis of bugs and the impact on mobiles

The impact of memory leaks, abnormal memory usages, slow frames and frozen frames, ANR and App Hang, UI thread blocks, network issues, and all other bugs are now presented in a tangible way. Also bugs can be ordered based on the number of devices that are affected. This helps mobile app developers to prioritise bugs and to understand where they need to focus on to improve the performance of the app.

Finotes 6.0 comes as Android SDK, iOS framework and watchOS framework. It's currently in closed beta, and is expected to go live by 21st of February, 2022. If you would like to request access for Finotes 6.0, click here.


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