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Finotes 6.1.0 comes with improved root cause detection of ANR, App Hang & Frozen Frames.

Finotes 6.1.0 is live

Finotes 6.1.0 is now public. This version comes with the following new features.

  • Report App Hangs in both debug and release flavors of iOS and watchOS framework.

  • Track force closure of Android app due to ANR.

  • Identify the root cause of frozen frames in Android apps.

  • View tickets from iOS and iPadOS separately.

Detecting App Hangs in live iOS, iPadOS and watchOS apps

In iOS, iPadOS and watchOS devices, AppHangs occur when UI thread is blocked for more than 250 milliseconds. With this release, the framework is capable of detecting and reporting such situations in real time. The report includes the thread stack to help developers identify the point of origin of the issue.

Reporting force closure of Android apps due to ANR

App Not Responding (ANR) occurs when the UI thread of an Android app is stuck for 5000 ms or more. In Finotes, we detect and report ANRs in real time.

Finotes SDK is now capable of detecting if the user force closed the Android app due to ANR . A separate ticket will be raised in such situations with a detailed stack trace to help developers pinpoint the root cause.

Detecting the root cause of Frozen frames with Stack Trace

Finotes SDK already has the ability to detect frozen frames in live Android apps. Starting from 6.1.0, the SDK provides stack trace of the UI thread as an additional data point to pinpoint the root cause of the issue.

Bugs from iPadOS are now listed separately

Starting from version 6.1.0, developers need to add the bundle identifier for iPadOS separately.

To view tickets from iPad devices, select the corresponding platform from the dropdown in the ticket list page. This helps reduce clutter in listing tickets.

Finotes is available for both Objective-c and Swift based iOS and watchOS projects as a cocoa-pods dependency and as Gradle library for Java and Kotlin based Android projects.

Visit to sign up for a 14 days trial, if you have not already. Visit to explore the documentation.

Happy Bug Fixing.


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