• Don Peter

Finotes Android SDK (Kotlin and Java) version 3.3.0 released

Finotes SDK version 3.3.0 is now publicly available. Android Developers can integrate Finotes like any other gradle library to their app developed using Java or Kotlin.

We added three new features to this version.

1. ANR report that pinpoints the exact code location.

Finotes can now automatically capture UI/ Main thread blocks which can lead to App Not Responding (ANR) situations.

ANR tracking is available in the debug flavour of the SDK. This feature is activated out of the box with just the basic integration. Whenever the SDK detects an UI thread block in the app, it will be reported in the Finotes dashboard. Data points along with the issue report include the exact line in the app codebase that caused the block.

2. Response body in HTTP(s) issues.

Finotes now has the ability to report HTTP(s) response body along with the already provided request body, request header and response header in the issue reports. This does not require any additional change to your existing integration. These data points will enable developers to fix the HTTP(s) related issues fast.

3. Debug-only Activity Trail Markers.

Starting from this version, a new API is added to set debug-only activity trail events. Activity trail markers set using this API will be recorded only in the debug configuration of the application.

Java code snippet - Setting debug flavor activity markers

Fn.setActivityMarkerForDebug(this, "User opened invoice");

Kotlin code snippet - Setting debug flavor activity markers

Fn.setActivityMarkerForDebug(this@ClassName, "User opened invoice")

Please let us know your thoughts on these features.

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