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Finotes V4.1.0 for Android, iOS and watchOS is now available.

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Finotes V4.1.0 for Android, iOS and watchOS available.
Finotes V4.1.0 for Android, iOS and watchOS available.

Developers now have full control on what all data points are captured while reporting bugs.
Memory usage of Finotes Android SDK is now reduced to 800 bytes from 2.3KB.
APK size delta of Finotes Android SDK is now 91.3 KB. Previously it was 104KB.
NSError and NSException in iOS and watchOS apps are now captured with zero coding.

Finotes Android SDK

We spent a good time of this release for in-depth internal optimizations. This improved the SDK memory usage and reduced the disk footprint.

Developers are given flexibility to blacklist data points collected by Finotes SDK using @Observe annotation in the Application class of the Android project. Blacklisted data points will not be captured or sent to the Finotes dashboard.

The SDK is available for both Java and Kotlin.

Head over to our Android section on data points to know more.

Finotes iOS and watchOS framework

We have added the ability to track and report all NSException and NSError issues that can occur in the application. This feature works automatically and does not require any extra lines of code to be written by the developer.

Blacklisting of data points collected by Finotes framework is available in iOS and watchOS framework as well. Developers can add the list of data points that they want to filter in the application info.plist file. These data points will not be captured or sent to Finotes dashboard.

The framework is available in Objective C and Swift.

Visit our iOS section and watchOS section to know more.

Please let us know your thoughts on these features.

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