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Finotes v7.0.0 is now public with the capability to track SwiftUI views.

Finotes v7.0.0 is now public with the capability to track SwiftUI views.

Finotes 7.0.0 is now public. This release comes with the following improvements,

  1. Ability to track lifecycle events of swiftUI views.

  2. Improved method of capturing stack traces for ANR issues in Android platform.

Tracking lifecycle events of swiftUI views

Ability to understand how users interact with different views and screens within an app is crucial for developers to optimize their designs and create seamless experiences. With the release of Finotes version 7.0.0, we have made it possible to track SwiftUI views.

This version of the iOS framework includes a custom modifier fnObserve is available in versions starting from 7.0.0 and above. This modifier can be added to any swiftUI view in your project.

Once added, the onAppear and onDisappear events of the corresponding view element will be tracked and added to the activity trail. This will help developers get a deeper understand of how the user was interacting with the app before an issue occurrence.

LabelText("Tap Me").fnObserve()

Screenshot of activity trail with SwiftUI views.
Activity trail with SwiftUI elements.

Even if swiftUI is not commonly used in flutter development, this functionality is accessible in native applications and in swift code within Flutter projects.

Better stack traces for ANR based issues in Android

We have enhanced the efficiency of Finotes in collecting and reporting stack traces for ANR (Application Not Responding) issues in Android Apps. Moreover, we have ensured the availability of the main thread stack with every issue report. This improvement ensures that the root cause will never be missed. ANR detection is available in Finotes Android SDK and Finotes Flutter Plugin.

Finotes is available for Objective-c and Swift based iOS and watchOS projects as a cocoa-pods dependency, and Gradle library for Java and Kotlin based Android projects along with Finotes plugin for dart based Flutter projects.

Visit to signup for 14 days trial, if you have not already. Visit to explore the documentation.


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