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Finotes v8.0.1 is now public

Finotes v8.0.1 is now public

We're thrilled to announce the latest release of Finotes, version 8.0.1, packed with exciting features that will significantly enhance your bug fixing experience.

This update introduces the following functionalities,

  • Ability to track Jetpack Compose elements in the activity trail.

  • Ability to track app startup delays in Android, iOS, watchOS, and Flutter apps.

  • Improved memory leak tracking capabilities in Flutter apps.

Enhanced Jetpack Compose Element Tracking in Activity Trail

With the growing prominence of Jetpack Compose in Android app development, tracking individual Compose elements.

Activity trail is a chronologically order list of events that occurred prior to an issue occurrence.

Screenshot of Activity trail from Finotes dashboard
Activity trail

Finotes v8.0.1 now empowers developers to effortlessly track lifecycle events of Jetpack Compose elements in the activity trail as well, allowing for precise analysis of bugs.

Comprehensive App Startup Delay Issue Reporting

We understand the criticality of addressing app startup delays across various platforms. To streamline this process, Finotes v8.0.1 introduces an advanced issue reporting mechanism for tracking startup delays in Android, iOS, watchOS including Flutter apps.

Screenshot of cold startup issue in flutter app
Ticket shows cold startup issue in Flutter app.

This comprehensive reporting functionality reports app startup delays to Finotes dashboard, facilitating prompt identification. Developers can now gain a deeper understanding of their app's startup behavior, leading to enhanced user experiences and improved app performance.

Advanced Memory Leak Tracking Capabilities

In addition to the new feature additions, Finotes v8.0.1 comes with improved memory leak tracking capabilities, enabling developers to identify memory leaks more efficiently in Flutter apps just like in native Android, iOS and watchOS.

With this enhanced functionality, users can detect potential memory leaks early in the development lifecycle, minimizing the risk of performance degradation and ensuring optimal app performance.

Screenshot of memory Leak report from Flutter app
Memory Leak report from Flutter app

Upgrade to Finotes 8.0.1 for Seamless App Development

We encourage all developers to take advantage of the latest features and enhancements by upgrading to Finotes 8.0.1. This version represents a significant step forward in improving app development visibility, optimizing performance, and simplifying issue identification and resolution. With its powerful new capabilities, Finotes continues to be the go-to solution for developers looking to build high-quality, efficient, and reliable applications.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to enhance the Finotes platform for an unparalleled app development experience. Finotes is available for both Objective-c and Swift based iOS and watchOS projects as a cocoa-pods dependency and as Gradle library for Java and Kotlin based Android projects and as flutter plugin for Flutter projects.

Visit to signup for 14 days trial, if you have not already. Visit to explore the documentation.

Happy Bug Fixing.


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