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How to detect crashes in Android apps?

Updated: Sep 24, 2022

A crash in your mobile application is a deal-breaker.

As crashes can create a dent in user experience which might trigger users to uninstall the app, finding and fixing crashes remains one of the most important jobs of any developer. As a developer, you will need a solid solution to report these crashes immediately and to identify the root cause.

This is where Finotes come in.

With basic integration, Finotes will detect and report crashes in Android apps. All the crashes are reported in realtime. This enables developers to send out a patch version as fast as possible. For implementation details visit documentation for Android (Java and Kotlin).

Here is a screenshot of a crash detected by Finotes.

Crash report
A crash report

All crashes reported by Finotes contain device and device state data along with the time of occurrence of the crash, the number of crashes occurred. Most importantly it provides both stack trace of the crash and activity trail of the user affected.

Finotes provides thread-level stack trace that will enable developers to pinpoint the origin of the crash.

Stack trace of a crash report
Stack trace of a crash report

As Finotes takes privacy seriously, hence we do not take mapping files from the developer during a release but provides a step by step guide to deobfuscate the stack trace in the developer machine itself.

In certain cases stack trace alone might not help developers to detect the root cause of the crash. Finotes provides the activity trail, which is a chronologically ordered list of events from a minute before the occurrence of the crash. This gives developers the ability to retrace user workflow. Stack trace combined with activity trail will help you to identify the root cause of the crash.

Activity trail from a crash report
Activity trail from a crash report

Visit to learn more about Finotes. Detailed documentation is available at


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