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How to reduce bug fixing time in mobile apps.

Bugs in physical world are beautiful. But in digital world, bugs are unwanted, but they do come uninvited.

We hate bugs in our apps because we need to put extra efforts to fix them.

Let's look at some basic numbers.

A ballpark optimistic estimate of the effort involved in fixing a medium severity bug is as follows.



​Collecting data


Reproducing the bug


Coding the fix






If the effort required can be cut by 1/3rd, for each bug we will save one hour.

With a tool which can auto-detect and report bugs, the data collection can be cut short to 30 minutes from 90 minutes. That's a 1/3rd cut in total effort.

Effort saved => One hour.

If the time required to reproduce the bug and test the fix are reduced by 15 minutes each, that will be half an hour saved. For now let's not add that into this calculation.

Even with a very low estimate of 10 medium severity bugs per month, and with the saving of one hour in data collection alone, we will be saving 10 man-hours. This is equivalent to 1.25 man-days, assuming one man-day is equal to 8 man-hours. So we will save more than one man-day every month.

The actual can only go north by many multiples as the numbers considered here are much below realistic, and that's what we gather from our customers.

Try Finotes to reduce bug fixing time in Android and iOS apps. Visit for more details.

Happy Bug Fixing.


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