• Robin Alex Panicker

Identifying root cause of ANR in android apps

Happiness is ... your customers coming back with stories of how your product helped them in solving their problems.

Team Finotes consider ourselves to be lucky as we do get such feedback. Of course we get reasonable share of critical feedback too. Most of our features evolved from problem statements conveyed by customers during our interactions.

ANR issues in Android apps.

One of such problem statement was regarding ANR in Android apps. While there are tools that will tell you if an ANR exists or not, none of them help you in identifying the root cause. Our co-founder Don Peter spend much time in trying to identify a solution. And he did come up with a good solution.

"Root cause of ANR issues identified", says team members of a leading mobile app.

One of our new customers, a very popular mobile app, had ANR issues being reported from their testing tools. They use Monkeyrunner extensively and the logs showed a bunch of ANR issues. Initially they thought third party SDKs like Finotes could be the problem. But ANR issues were still reported indicating issues are within the app. So they reintegrated Finotes and checked the dashboard.

I can only guess how happy they were when they saw ANR issues reported by Finotes had pointers to the exact root cause. And mails from the developer and QA lead reflected their satisfaction and happiness 🙂.

Finotes provides cleaner stack trace that identifies root causes of ANR issues in Android app, says the developer
Finotes helped in identifying the exact root causes of ANR issues in Android app, says the QA lead

To know more about how Finotes detects and reports ANR issues in android apps, here is an article by Don Peter. https://www.blog.finotes.com/post/how-to-detect-and-fix-anr-in-android-apps

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