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Managing user experience when bugs and performance issues happen in Android app.

Managing user experience when bugs and performance issues happen in Android app.

Even the most meticulously crafted apps may encounter issues or bugs that hinder user satisfaction. To address this challenge, leveraging real-time issue tracking capabilities is essential.

In this blog post, we'll explore how the issue callback listener, the most coveted feature of Finotes Android SDK can empower developers to proactively improve user experience and manage user retention when performance issues and bugs happen in the app.

Real-Time Issue Tracking with Finotes Android SDK

The Finotes Android SDK offers a powerful solution for tracking and reporting issues in real-time within Android apps. One of its standout features is the Issue Callback Listener, which allows developers to receive real-time notifications whenever an issue is detected within their app code-base. By registering a global listener, developers gain access to every issue detected by the SDK.

Get callback when an issue is detected

Integrating the Issue Callback Listener into your Android app is straightforward. Developers can utilize either Java or Kotlin to add the listener (IssueFoundListener) within the Application class.

Java code implementing the IssueFoundListener.

Fn.listenForIssue(new IssueFoundListener() {
	public void issueFoundInBackgroundThread(IssueView issue) {
		//Notify the user 

Kotlin code implementing the IssueFoundListener.

Fn.listenForIssue(IssueFoundListener { 
  issueView: IssueView? ->
	//Notify the user 

Upon detection of an issue, the callback function is triggered, providing developers with an IssueView object containing datapoints about the issue, including type, severity, occurrence time, and a short description.

Enhance User Experience in Android app by handling issues gracefully

Currently, the developers make use of fields in IssueView class like type and the severity, developers notify the app users (like a toast message) that an issue was detected and will be rectified soon. Read more about adding the listener here.

By promptly identifying and notifying users about issues, developers can enhance user experience, leading to higher user satisfaction and increased app retention rates. Most of the time app users will have no idea if the issues they encounter within the app will be fixed. This feature helps app users to be informed that the issue will be fixed in a future version.

Handle Callbacks in Background Thread

Since the callback function is executed in a background thread, developers should ensure that any UI-related actions are performed on the UI thread to prevent performance issues.

Benefits for Developers

By leveraging the Issue Callback Listener (IssueFoundListener) provided by the Finotes Android SDK, developers can unlock a multitude of benefits:

  1. Proactive Issue Detection: Receive real-time notifications for every issue detected within your app.

  2. Comprehensive Issue Information: Gain access to detailed information about each issue, including type, severity, occurrence time, and a short description, facilitating efficient debugging and resolution.

  3. Seamless Integration: With a simple integration process, developers can effortlessly incorporate the listener into their Android apps, ensuring minimal disruption to existing workflows.

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