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Privacy and anonymity by design

One of the important decisions we took when we started architecting Finotes was that we don’t want to do analytics on the users of apps that integrate our SDK. That was not an easy decision to make. The team internally discussed for many hours and days about how smart or stupid Finotes will be with out the analytical capabilities some of our competitors offer. Finally we decided that it’s smart not to get into the analytics space.

So we architected Finotes in such a way that app users remain anonymous on our platform. Idea was that we should be helping developers know more about the bugs in their mobile apps rather than about their users. From the response we are getting from market, we have no reason to regret.

As part of our efforts to identify gaps in our product with respect to GDPR, we did a review of our architecture and are happy to convey that not even a single change was required in the core product. Anonymity and privacy was already builtin to the product. So much that our marketing people are complaining because they are not able to retrieve some of the data points that they think are important for their marketing and outreach strategy. But as I mentioned above, so be it 😊.

While we have the technology to dive deep into private space of app users and do all kinds of analytics about their mobile usage and behaviour patterns, we believe privacy is any day more important than technology and technology should not pretend otherwise.

GDPR has provided tech community with an opportunity to think differently. That is, to have user privacy as part of the product architecture from day one and not inserted into the product as an after thought.

Finotes is all set to welcome the new world on May 25th where privacy is respected and valued. In the next few days we will be announcing our GDPR compliance and the processes we follow. Stay tuned.

If you want to know more about how we maintain anonymity and privacy of app users or about our preparedness for GDPR era, feel free to ping us through the chat window in our website


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