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Revolutionizing Revenue Management for Airlines: How our client nGo is Helping Airlines Stay Ahead

Updated: Mar 8

nGO helps airlines to generate and optimize auxiliary revenue

Since the pandemic, many airlines are struggling to survive. As the industry looks to recover and rebuild, ancillary revenue management has become an increasingly critical aspect of the airline business. Ancillary Revenue account for 12.2% of the total revenue of Airlines, and airlines are looking for ways to improve the same as a differentiator. One product that has caught the attention of industry leaders is nGo, an inflight digital solution for airlines developed by Forthcode.

nGo has already attracted a diverse and impressive client list, including Air Asia India, Akasa Air, Go First, Air India Express, Arajet, and many more.

The product is designed to help airlines generate and optmize ancillary revenue. The software is used mid-air and without data connectivity, which makes it a challenging product to develop and maintain. The nGo team rose to the challenge, and has developed a product that is stable, reliable, and highly effective.

One of the challenges that the nGo team faced was identifying performance issues and bugs in their app. With limited real-time connectivity and a complex application, it was not easy for the team to understand the issues in production.

nGO team integrated Finotes to help them with performance monitoring and error tracking, and collect data and insights into an application's performance. Finotes is designed to be useful for developers working on apps that are used in remote or disconnected environments, such as airplanes.

Finotes has helped the nGo team identify issues in their live apps, allowing them to address performance issues and bugs quickly and efficiently. This has resulted in a more stable and reliable product, which is essential for a mission-critical application like nGo.

Moreover, Finotes has helped the nGo team to identify and fix issues that they were previously unaware of. This has improved the overall user experience, resulting in higher customer satisfaction levels.

By leveraging the power of Finotes, the nGo team has been able to deliver a product that meets the high standards of the airline industry. This has helped their customers to manage their revenue more effectively and efficiently, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve in these challenging times.

nGo has clearly emerged as a vital tool for airlines looking to improve their auxiliary revenue. The nGo team has been able to deliver a product that meets the high standards of the airline industry. As the airline industry continues to navigate through the pandemic, products like nGo will play an increasingly critical role in helping airlines stay ahead of the curve. So if you're looking to optimize your airline's revenue management, nGo should be at the top of your list!

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