• Don Peter

Finotes iOS Framework version 4.0.0 released

Finotes Framework version 4.0.0 is now publicly available. iOS Developers can integrate Finotes like any other CocoaPods library to their app developed using Objective C or Swift.

This version has a 2 new capabilities.

1. Ability to set custom time in tracking screen loading delays

The framework is capable of tracking screens for loading delays. Finotes will automatically raise a bug report to dashboard when it detects a UIViewController taking more than 4 seconds to load.

With this version we have added the ability for developers to set a custom time in info.plist. Once set, if any of the UIViewControllers takes more than the specified amount of time to load then it will be reported.

2. Issue reports with both version and build number

In this release, we have added both version and build number of the application to be tagged along with each issue report. This will provide developers better clarity on the app version from which the issues are reported by Finotes.

Please let us know your thoughts on these features.

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