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Finotes watchOS framework version 4.0.0 released. It is a step closer to no code integration.

Finotes watchOS framework version 4.0.0 comes packed with a lot of new features. This version is now publicly available for integration.

1. Zero-code HTTP(s) call tracking

With this version we have added the capability for out of the box HTTP(s) API call issue tracking and reporting mechanism. As of now developers had to implement a custom function call to enable Finotes track API calls.

Now, just the basic integration of the framework, all HTTP(s) calls triggered from the app using NSURLSession, AFNetworking or Alamofire are automatically monitored for issues.

2. Automatically capture WKInterfacecontrollers lifecycle events

Activity trail is one of the most relevant data points that are captured by the framework. This helps developers retrace how user was interacting with the app for a minute prior to the issue occurrence. As of now, developers had to extend each of their WKInterfacecontrollers from a custom class provided by Finotes.

With this version, we have eliminated those extra lines that developers had to write. Finotes watchOS framework is now capable of auto detecting WKInterfacecontrollers lifecycle events.

3. Debug-only Activity markers

Along with WKInterfacecontrollers lifecycle events, framework provides a single line function that will let developers set custom activity markers anywhere in the code and the same will be tagged with every issue report.

In this version, we have added a new function which lets developers set debug-only activity markers. Activity trail markers set using this function will be recorded only in the debug/ development flavor of the framework.

Objective-C code snippet - Setting debug flavor activity markers

[Fn setActivityMarkerForDebugAt:self marker:@"logout tapped"];

Swift code snippet - Setting debug flavor activity markers

Fn.setActivityMarkerForDebugAt(self, marker: "logout tapped")

4. Ability to set custom time in tracking screen loading delays

This version of framework is capable of auto tracking screen load delays. When Finotes detects a WKInterfacecontroller taking more than 4 seconds to load it is immediately reported to Finotes dashboard.

Version 4.0.0 also has the ability to set a custom time (in seconds) in info.plist. Once set if any of the WKInterfacecontrollers takes more than the specified amount of time to load then an issue report will be raised.

5. Issue reports with both version and build number

With this version developers will have better clarity on the version of the app from which issues are reported. We have included both version and build number along with each issue report.

Please let us know your thoughts on these features.

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